Windows 7 Anniversary Blog

In the five minutes it takes you to read this blog, 2,100 windows licenses will have been sold. Let’s stop and think about that for a second.

 7 Windows 7 licenses were just sold in that second.

Since its launch a year ago, Windows 7 has become in the fastest selling OS in history with over 240 million Windows 7 licenses sold worldwide.   

When we launched Windows 7 we promised to deliver on a simple premise: make it easier for people to do the things they want on a PC. We designed Windows 7 based on customer feedback to incorporate hundreds of improvements, big and small. With Windows 7 we offered a streamlined user interface and significant new features to make everyday tasks easier and allow people to get the most out of computers of all styles and sizes.

12 months on, what does that mean? For me, it means a lot. (Insert personal anecdote on your favourite feature).

I’ve also found that if you’re already using Windows 7 there is also tremendous value in optimizing your desktop for maximum performance and productivity by downloading Internet Explorer 9. Still currently in beta, IE9 enables a new kind of desktop client. With Windows 7, IE9 lets users have pin-and-click access, a concept that could heavily benefit businesses once HTML5 will be everywhere.

To mark the anniversary we have announced lots of new customers across the globe who are taking advantage of the benefits of Windows 7. Locally, we have seen (insert local customer information and stats of product growth).

When we built Windows 7, we incorporated feedback from more than a billion opt-in customer sessions and 8 million beta testers validated our research on how to simplify everyday tasks. Here are a few of the not so obvious features in Windows 7 that simplifies the PC. Have a look at them and let us know what your favourite Windows 7 feature is!