Web Farm Framework 2.0 for IIS 7 Released

Microsoft has released to web version 2.0 of Web Farm Framework 2.0 for Internet Information Services 7.0. Microsoft Web Farm Framework for IIS7 enables administrators to provision, scale and manage their web infrastructure. There are several new features and improvements that are listed below:

  • Workflow Builder is used to define and schedule custom tasks that can be run on all servers in the farm. The tasks can be scheduled to run periodically or can be started manually by an administrator. An example of such task could be a msdeploy command to partially sync web site content.
  • Windows Credential Store support allows to store the administrator credentials used for server provisioning in a secure Windows Credential Store. This enables an added layer of security when dealing with credentials in Web Farm Framework.
  • Third party load balancers support via Web Farm Framework extensibility. It is possible to configure Web Farm Framework to integrate with hardware load balancers instead of relying on IIS Application Request Routing module.
  • Improved support for advanced MSDeploy operations. Options of MSDeploy can be used with Web Farm Framework for advanced deployment scenarios.
  • Improved support for syncing large amount of files. Several issues related to syncing large amount of files across web farm nodes have been fixed.
To install Web Farm Framework 2.0 use the download links at the project’s home page at http://www.iis.net/expand/WebFarmFramework