It'd been nice and warm in Redmond right up until this past week. This morning it was pouring rain. Now, some of you may know Seattle as the city where it rains nine months out of the year, but what's not necessarily generally known is that the constant rain is really more of a mist, just enough to get all cars dirty and all roads slippery. This morning was a different story -- it was cats and dogs.

It was, therefore, a great relief to arrive in sunny Los Angeles, high 70, low 59, and be immediately greeted by the city as a PDC attendee, via flags posted along Century boulevard. That was a nice touch :-). This gives me one day to settle in (that was today), one day to slack off, and then it's off to the Convention Center on Monday to set everything up in preparation for the big day on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the lawn is getting watered back at home ;-).