Today I registered and got my badge at the PDC. The conference doesn't officially start until tomorrow (other than the "pre-conference" sessions), but several Microsofties were at the Convention Center to make sure everything is set up and ready to go.

I was truly amazed by the scale of the Convention Center, this being my first time at the venue. I had previously seen a diagram of the Big Room, where several events are hosted, including the hands-on labs (where I'll be spending most of my time), the track lounges, the Internet Alley, the PDC Marketplace, and so on. The room is truly cavernous, so much so that I thought it took up the majority of the Convention Center. However, it turns out that's not the case -- the Convention Center has a lot more space than that :-). The building is an attraction in and of itself.

In addition to checking out the space we also took the hands-on lab machines for a spin, to make sure everything was up to spec. Everything is looking great, so I think we are ready. Still, I think tomorrow will be absolutely crazy, as people stampede to the Big Room immediately after Bill and Jim's keynotes. Which is what I'm looking forward to :-).