Another day at the PDC, another set of exciting events. I started the day early again, though we made it to the morning's keynote a couple of minutes late. We did see, however, the introduction and demonstration of various designer tools, including the verbosely named Microsoft Expression codename "Sparkle Interactive Designer", or Sparkle for short. Wow, that was nice! Hold on, let me do that again.


That's right -- it's OK to talk about it now, because we've announced it! :-) I can't tell you how tired I was of being asked, hey, do we really have to do all of our XAML work by hand in VisualStudio? Aren't  you doing a designer? and then have to tell people that I couldn't talk about any potential future plans. Well, it's public now, so please, do come on down to the hands-on lab area and play with it yourself!

Incidentally, Sparkle was definitely the super red hot item in the hands-on lab area today. It was great to see that level of excitement. Many people came to do the lab, but some just wanted to see it and run it.

Unfortunately, between hands-on lab duty and track lounge duty I did not get the opportunity to attend any track sessions. This is particularly unfortunate because I hear that Pablo killed with David Teitlebaum's 3D cloth demo in his afternoon presentation. I guess the audience was excited about real-time video textured on an animating 3D mesh :-).

The other interesting highlight to mention was actually outside of the conference proper -- it was the party for all staff and customers at Universal Studios. Let me just go ahead and say that the Mummy ride rocks! The chocolate fondue was awesome, too, though you won't find that on any ordinary day at Universal ;-).

Tomorrow is Ask The Experts -- if you are attending the PDC come on down and we'll have a chat!