It got crazy at the PDC in terms of hours -- I was getting in by 8am, wrapping up at 11pm, and starting over at 8am the next day. That taxed my blogging abilities, so I never put together a "day four" or "day five".

The theme for the two days was "answering deep technical questions." On Thursday it was Ask the Experts at the end of the day, a dinner setting, free-for-all Q&A session where we hung out at tables labeled for discussion about specific topics. I sat at the WPF-Win32 Interop table, which started off with me eating two hot dogs on my own, but quickly became a very popular table (and so wrapped up with me eating a cold hot dog :-)). Today it was Chris Anderson's "behind the scenes" mostly Q&A presentation. Between those two and all other questions I was asked during the length of the conference there are clear patterns of interest. This is great data to take back home. Next week will be a busy week of going over all of the feedback and planning the last few months before we release.

All in all, it was an awesome conference. But now it's all over but the blogging, so let's recap:

  • Avalon is now the Windows Presentation Foundation
  • WPF/E is a subset of WPF that goes cross-platform
  • Windows Vista has two new cool app-switching metaphors called Windows Flip and Windows Flip 3D.
  • Office "12" has a whole new commanding UI
  • We have several presentation platforms (WPF, WinForms, Atlas, Win32, DirectX) and several designers (Sparkle, Acrylic, Quartz, Cider). You choose the one that works best for your scenarios

OK, perhaps that's a bit brief to be called a complete recap :-). However, for the full recap go to the commnet web site and download the slides for the track sessions and the source and manuals for most hands-on labs (the latter apparently requiring Passport sign-in -- and then, possibly, only available to those who were at the conference).