Microsoft has been offering bus service in Redmond for about a year now. The idea is that the bus has a dedicated, direct route from close to your house to the Microsoft campus and back, with no stops in between, and that the route times are not only extremely predictable but also your seat in the bus is guaranteed by a reservation system. The result is a bus system that seriously rivals the time efficiency of driving your own car and, of course, handily beats cars in terms of cost and environmental impact. As a bonus, all of the buses have Wi-Fi, so you can use the travel time to do some work and/or read the day's news. I find it a good time to perform some Inbox hygiene.

I tried this out this week for the first time, and I'm sold. There are definitely times when it's better to drive your own car (errands in the afternoon? need to pick up groceries on the way home? planning on staying at work ridiculously late?), but the common case is serviced by the bus just fine. Kudos to the Microsoft Connector team who put this program together.