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  • Blog Post: introducing Direct2D and DirectWrite

    At the 2008 PDC, Kam Vedbrat and I introduced two brand new DirectX APIs, to be included in Windows 7: Direct2D and DirectWrite. Direct2D is geared towards high-quality vector and bitmap graphics, with the performance characteristics of hardware-acceleration as you'd expect from a DirectX API, whereas...
  • Blog Post: at the PDC again

    I'm back in Los Angeles for this year's PDC. It was a long shot, given that the group I happen to be on is sending a smaller percentage of people to the PDC than the WPF team did back in '05, but thankfully I have an opportunity to present, which means I have an opportunity to attend. BTW, if you are...
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 will be called... "Windows 7"

    It seems we've settled on an official name for the next version of Windows, codenamed Windows 7, and that name is (drumroll...) " Windows 7 ".
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