I just got WM6 powered Smartphone and discovered that it requires no less than 5-6 clicks to see a graphical view of the battery. And even then I still can’t see actual percentage of the charge left. Long story short I have written a utility which shows battery charge for only WM 6.0 Powered devices which run in landscape mode (Blackjack II, new Motorola Q Global from Cingular, etc).


Depending on the charge you will see one of the following screen. Don’t worry about existing, if you don’t click Exit, application will exit after 7 seconds, so precious resources won’t be wasted.




To install application:


1.       Connect device via ActiveSync to your PC. ActiveSync has an option to explore your phone, where you can see Smartphon’s file system.

2.       Copy attached file to the Smartphone and run it


You can then use functionality of the Smartphone to add shortcut to the application (which you will find under Start menu as a green battery icon “Battery Meter”) to either a Speed Dial or Fn key (on Blackjack II).


This will allow you to hit one key and see battery status in glance.


I will be posting sources for this application as well. Is was very simple to write. I have used two great references:

1.       http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa457088.aspx

2.       http://support.microsoft.com/kb/816195


Attached is a complete project. I will also attach just a CAB file and screen shoots