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    The Cases of the Blue Screens: Finding Clues in a Crash Dump and on the Web

    My last couple of posts have looked at the lighter side of blue screens by showing you how to customize their colors. Windows kernel mode code reliability has gotten better and better every release such that many never experience the infamous BSOD. But...( read more )
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    Announcing Zero Day, the Novel!

    You’ve seen the news if you’re my friend on Facebook , follow me on Twitter , or subscribe to the Sysinternals blog : I’m proud to announce that my first novel, a cyberthriller entitled Zero Day , is due to be published by St. Martin’s Press in mid-March...( read more )
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    “Blue Screens” in Designer Colors with One Click

    My last blog post described how to use local kernel debugging to change the colors of the Windows crash screen, also known as the “blue screen of death”. No doubt many of you thought that showing off a green screen of death or red screen of death to your...( read more )
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