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    Updates: Autoruns v11.32, Process Explorer v15.21, Process Monitor v3.02, PSKill v1.15, RAMMap v1.2

    Autoruns v11.32 : This update fixes a bug that prevented Autoruns from correctly elevating when the Run as Administrator option is selected. Process Explorer v15.21 : This update fixes a bug related to the autostart functionality introduced in v15.2, a tooltip display bug, and a bug that prevented display of kernel stacks. Process Monitor v3.02 : This release fixes an external logging issue that prevented certain registry paths from display correctly when run with App-V and fixes a bug in the save logic. PsKill v1.15 : This fixes a bug in the remote kill functionality introduced by the v1.14 update. RAMMap v1.2 : This release to RAMMap, a utility that displays a detailed map of a system’s physical memory usage, now supports systems with more than 16GB of RAM, Windows 8, and includes keyboard navigation improvements.
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