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    Update: ZoomIt v4.31

    ZoomIt v4.31 : This release fixes a bug that caused ZoomIt to sometimes report an error when dismissing the options dialog.
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    Updates: Handle v3.5, Process Explorer v15.22, Process Monitor v3.03, RAMMap v1.21, ZoomIt v4.3

    Handle v3.5 : This update to Handle, a command-line utility that lists open handles, uses the most recent Process Explorer driver so that it now resolves system process handles and types. Process Explorer v15.22 : This release addresses a bug that caused Process Explorer to crash when viewing .NET thread stacks of 64-bit Windows XP and 64-bit Windows Server 2003. Process Monitor v3.03 : A bug that caused some symbols to not resolve in stack traces is fixed in this release. RAMMap v1.21 : This fixes a bug that causes RAMMap to sometimes report an error on 32-bit versions of Windows. ZoomIt v4.3 : This update to ZoomIt, a screen magnification and annotation utility, adds an option that enables you to configure it to automatically start when you login.
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    The Case of the Veeerrry Slow Logons

    This case is my favorite kind of case, one where I use my own tools to solve a problem affecting me personally.  The problem at the root of it is also one you might run into, especially if you travel, and demonstrates the use of some Process Monitor...( read more )
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