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    Windows Azure Host Updates: Why, When, and How

    Windows Azure’s compute platform, which includes Web Roles, Worker Roles, and Virtual Machines, is based on machine virtualization. It’s the deep access to the underlying operating system that makes Windows Azure’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) uniquely...( read more )
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    Updates: AccessChk v5.1, Autoruns v.11.33, Coreinfo v3.05, Whois v1.1

    AccessChk v5.1 : This update to AccessChk, a command-line utility that shows the security settings and effective access on many object types, including registry keys and files, now reports Windows 8 claims and capabilities, shows the token of processes running as local system, lists security descriptor flags, and checks for remote interactive logon rights. Autoruns v11.33 : This fixes a bug that caused the run as administrator elevation to fail if Autoruns was started from a path with spaces. Coreinfo v3.05 : Coreinfo, a tool that shows CPU features, cache sizes, and topology, now correctly shows hyperthreading support on AMD multicore systems and lists processor features on Windows XP. Whois v1.1 : Whois is a command-line utility that looks up domain name registration information. This release fixes a bug that could cause an infinite loop and a command-line option, -v, that prints verbose information about domain registration referrals.
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