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    Update: Autoruns v11.42

    Autoruns v11.42 : This release fixes a bug in the parsing of network file paths introduced in v11.41.
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    Updates: Autoruns v11.41, Handle v3.51, Movefile v1.01, Procdump v5.13, Sigcheck v1.9

    Autoruns v11.41 : This Autoruns update reports the hosting image target of link shortcut references. Handle v3.51 : This minor update to Handle, a command-line utility that dumps process handle tables, fixes a bug in its file share drive letter formatting. Movefile v1.01 : Movefile, a utility for scheduling file delete and rename operations for when the system reboots, now correctly handles 64-bit system paths. Procdump v5.13 : This update to Procdump, a command-line utility that generates on-demand and trigger-based process crash dump files, now supports triggers for when process CPU usage, memory consumption or arbitrary performance counters fall below a specified value. Sigcheck v1.9 : Sigcheck, a command-line file-version and signature verification tool, now reports certificate publisher names, capitalizes hash values, and fixes a certificate chain validation bug.
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    Updates: Autoruns v11.4, ProcDump v5.12, SDelete v1.61

    Autoruns v11.4 : Autoruns v11.4 adds additional startup locations, fixes several bugs related to image path parsing, adds better support for browsing folders on WinPE, and fixes a Wow64 redirection bug. Procdump v5.12 : This Procdump update fixes a bug introduced in v5.11 where it doesn’t save information required by the !runaway debugger command. SDelete v1.61 : SDelete v1.61 fixes drive letter syntax consistency in its parsing of command line arguments.
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    Hunting Down and Killing Ransomware

    Scareware, a type of malware that mimics antimalware software, has been around for a decade and shows no sign of going away. The goal of scareware is to fool a user into thinking that their computer is heavily infected with malware and the most convenient...( read more )
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