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    Updates: Mark's TechEd Sessions, Autoruns v11.61, Strings v2.52, ZoomIt v4.5

    Mark’s TechEd Sessions Available On-Demand : Mark delivered four top-rated sessions at Microsoft’s TechEd US conference two weeks ago, and the recordings are available now for on-demand viewing. In Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, he gives an overview of the deployment and operation of Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks; in Windows Azure Internals Mark goes under the hood of Windows Azure to show its physical and logical datacenter architecture and operation; in Case of the Unexplained you’ll see how to use the Sysinternals tools to solve impossible problems; and in Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals Tools you’ll learn how to use Sysinternals tools to identify and clean malware infestations. Autoruns v11.61 : Autoruns is a utility for managing autostarting applications, DLLs and services. This update adds more autostart locations, fixes a bug that could cause a crash when Autorunsc is directed to calculate file hashes, and fixes a bug in Autoruns’ jump-to-image functionality on 64-bit Windows. Strings v2.52 : This release fixes a bug that prevented the previous one from running on Windows XP. Zoomit v4.5 : Zoomit is a screen zooming and annotation tool for technical presentations. This release introduces better support for zooming in on Windows 8 Windows Store applications.
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    Updates: Autoruns v11.6, Procexp v15.31, Procmon v3.05, Sigcheck v1.92

    Autoruns v11.6 : Autoruns is a utility for enumerating and disabling executables and DLLs configured to activate in dozens of autostart registration points. This update fixes some minor bugs and adds Authenticode SHA1 and SHA256 hash reporting to Autorunsc output. Sigcheck v1.92 : Sigcheck is a command-line utility for reporting image version and signature information. With this update, it now includes support for Authenticode SHA256 hashes, which is the same hash type used to identify images by AppLocker. Process Explorer v15.31 : Process Explorer is a powerful process management utility. This update fixes a bug with copying text from the process properties dialog and adds an option to disable the heatmap display in the process view. Process Monitor v3.05 : Process Monitor is a powerful file, registry, process, thread and network monitoring tool. This update adds a context-menu entry that opens the filter edit dialog with contents prepopulated with the specified row and column value.
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