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  • Blog Post: Updates: RAMMap v1.32, Sigcheck v2.01

    RAMMap v1.32 : This fixes a bug in v1.30 that caused RAMMap to fail on Windows 8. Sigcheck v2.01 : This update fixes a bug in the handling of the -u option that sometimes resulted in Sigcheck reporting signed files.
  • Blog Post: Update: RAMMap v1.31

    RAMMap v1.31 : This update fixes a bug in v1.30 that caused RAMMap to fail on Windows 8.
  • Blog Post: Updates: PsExec v2.0, RAMMap v1.3, Sigcheck v2.0

    PsExec v2.0 : PsExec, a popular utility for executing processes on remote systems, introduces a new option, -r, that specifies the name PsExec assigns to its remote service. This can improve performance when multiple users are interacting concurrently with a system, since each will have a dedicated PsExec...
  • Blog Post: Updates: Accesschk v5.11, Procdump v6.0, RAMMap v1.22, Strings v2.51

    AccessChk v5.11 : AccessChk, a command line utility for dumping the effective permissions and security descriptors for files, registry keys, processes, tokens, object manager objects, now prefixes Windows 8 application container SIDs with the word “Package”, and includes several minor bug...
  • Blog Post: Updates: Handle v3.5, Process Explorer v15.22, Process Monitor v3.03, RAMMap v1.21, ZoomIt v4.3

    Handle v3.5 : This update to Handle, a command-line utility that lists open handles, uses the most recent Process Explorer driver so that it now resolves system process handles and types. Process Explorer v15.22 : This release addresses a bug that caused Process Explorer to crash when viewing .NET...
  • Blog Post: Updates: Autoruns v11.32, Process Explorer v15.21, Process Monitor v3.02, PSKill v1.15, RAMMap v1.2

    Autoruns v11.32 : This update fixes a bug that prevented Autoruns from correctly elevating when the Run as Administrator option is selected. Process Explorer v15.21 : This update fixes a bug related to the autostart functionality introduced in v15.2, a tooltip display bug, and a bug that prevented...
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