So a lot of you may be wondering out there, what is PSfD? Well, that's a question that I'm beginning to learn the answer to. I just joined about a month ago, and I must admit that this is a pretty great role to be in, and myself and all of PSfD are ready and happy to help you out.

Let's go over an example: when Company A makes an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft, one of the things they can offer is Premier Support. Premier Support gives the company an individual, known as a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who can help the company with top proactive services, such as:

  • Risk assessments of their exchange servers
  • Workshops to help their IT crew get up to date on new technologies and how to use them
  • Reviews on migrating and updating to new technologies

On top of that, TAMs have access to top engineers who assist in delivering fast results when there's a critical situation for the customer. So it sounds great, right? A go-to guy for all of your Microsoft IT questions and needs-the IT guys couldn't be happier.

But what about the developers? Where can they turn for their questions about migrating their apps to new and awesome Microsoft platforms, or about building brand new ones? What if they need to know how to do something in code, but have no clue how to even start writing something like that? Wherever will they go??

That's when the TAM pulls out the Bat-signal in the sky, and we come in- Premier Support for Developers (PSfD) is an offering within Premier Support that is geared towards helping out the developers in the company. We, as Application Development Managers (ADMs) help the devs during the development lifecycle of their applications by bringing in our expert knowledge from being there on the battlefield, as well as others from Microsoft that can help them out with app development questions or issues. We offer some proactive services, too, including:

  • Application Design Sessions, where we can bring in architects to help plan out your
    application and the Microsoft technologies involved
  • Code and Architecture Reviews to make sure everything is running smoothly in the applications
  • Code samples to help devs get a kick-start on their programming
  • Hands on labs to test the performance of their apps

And a whole lot more that I'm just learning about. We're a new and growing organization, and we're geared towards helping developers, through our technology and people, reach their full potential. Hope this is a good intro for you, and don't worry-as I learn more and more about the role and what it takes, you'll be hearing from me. Until then, happy coding!