I have been support engineer for almost a year, but I still find myself shallow in the field, as I cannot do dump analysis alone.

This is an art of troubleshooting, but I bet obviously not everyone in the programming world would like to perform such a task daily. So masters of this art are hidden somewhere.

But what if you meet a very complicated case and have to resort to dump analysis? I have answered such queries several times on IIS.net forums with my own answer, “open a case via http://support.microsoft.com”. Obviously that’s the easiest way to involve an expert to help.

You cannot always satisfy all people around the world, as someone would like to perform that task by himself/herself. Well, nothing is impossible.

To prepare yourself for that, digest every words available in this field may be a good start. The following are the useful link I found today, and hope they can assist you along the way.

  • DumpAnalysis.Org is a portal that aggregates a lot of useful articles.
  • Memory Dump Analysis Anthology (Volume 1 and 2) by Dmitry Vostokov.