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  • Blog Post: Command Pattern

    One of the most common IT projects that business application developers do is integration between multiple systems. In the CRM world it is not uncommon to see integrations to/from various application and services such as ERP systems, social networks, application providers (e.g. campaign marketing), etc...
  • Blog Post: CRM 4.0 and Dynamics GP 10 connector

    Did you know that the Dynamics CRM-GP 10 connector has already been released and that is Free? Yup... you can find all the information that you need in the GP's team blog here: I haven't personally dowloaded...
  • Blog Post: The social networking Buzz

    I wonder, is all the Buzz around social networking justified? Besides tageting the consumer market, would it really provide business value? .. would having a direct integration with, lets say, CRM, with a social network (e.g. Facebook) provide real value for businesses? And... what about all the ...
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