May, 2007

  • Lifeng's Blog

    Type sharing in WCF service reference

    Type sharing is very useful when we want to pass same data between two services. Without type sharing, we will get seperated types in the proxy for every service we consume. That means a lot of code to convert data in one type to another before and after...
  • Lifeng's Blog

    ContextSwitchDeadlock MDA and COM

    The ContextSwitchDeadlock MDA is a very annoying debugger message. The message is reported by a background thread, which wakes up once a while and if it finds a remote call doesn't pass in 60 seconds, it raises the error. But the problem is that the error...
  • Lifeng's Blog

    Files in a service (WCF) references

    The new service reference is persisted in a similar way how the old web reference is persisted in a visual studio project. All files including metadata file downloaded from the server will be persisted into a single folder, which defines the CLR namespace...
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