How much you do you really know about the CLR exception model?
Do you know how Windows SEH works? Really?

Please read this article:

Now, what do you think of our current managed exception model? What would you like to see in the next version of the CLR with respect to exception handling?

Do you ever write code like this? :

catch( Exception ex )
  //boo! (ex happens to be an Access Violation exception)


I didn't think so. ;-) But if you do, you should make a point of not ever doing so again as code like the above is very dangerous since it can expose stack-based buffer overrun exploits. You'd be surprised how many times I see the above pattern.

Wouldn't it be nice if C# just supported exception filtering (like VB.NET and MC++) so you could have more granular control over how your application deals with runtime exceptions? If you've found yourself wanting this feature (or any other feature for that matter), just let the C# design people know!

More later.