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  • Blog Post: 学用Windows Phone 8中Hyperlink和Command

    偶然得知,Windows 8.1中把 Hyperlink 加到了XAML中去了,这使我想到Windows Phone中也早已把相同的元素加进去,但是罕有 文档 说明。 接下来,我将演示一下,如何在Windows Phone 8中通过Hyperlink来实现导航和激活事件。 首先,我们需要在Visual Studio中新建一个Windows Phone的工程,并加入以下XAML: 1: < TextBlock x:Name ="tb1" ></ TextBlock > 2: < RichTextBox > 3: < Paragraph > 4: <...
  • Blog Post: Beginning with Hyperlink and Command in Windows Phone

    Occasionally read the XAML control changes for Store App development in Windows 8.1, an interest thing notified me is that Windows 8.1 adds the Hyperlink element to XAML text object model, which recalled me that the same element has been added into Windows Phone already, but with less documents for its...
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