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  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 8 内购FAQ

    尽管MSDN里有一篇很好的关于Windows Phone 8内购的 文章 ,我们这里还是收到很多内购相关的问题。这篇博客旨在为了补充MSDN文章中没有涵盖的一些细节。 我们听到很多有关于Windows Runtime和Windows Phone Runtime互相共享代码的事情。而且,的确内购部分是相互共享的。事实上,我们在MSDN上看到的有关于Windows Phone的文章数远远大于Windows Store。而且,由于很多API是Windows 8中独有的,例如 CurrentAppSimulator , ProductLicense.ExpirationDate 等等,所以我们在阅读这些文章的时候要多加注意...
  • Blog Post: FAQs about In-app purchase for Windows Phone 8

    Although that there is a great section that describes In-app purchase for Windows Phone 8 (IAP) on Windows Phone MSDN library, we've also received a lot of questions that were asking for some important particulars. I am writing this article to add some supplements of what the MSDNarticles don't cover...
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