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  • Blog Post: 如何在Windows Phone和Windows 8 Store中获取到设备ID

    背景 很多情况下,我们需要去辨识当前App运行的设备,以便应用一些适合此设备的内容。Windows Phone 7时代,我们有一些原生的去获取设备号的方法。但是来到Windows Phone 8时代,却有些改变。至少在Windows 8 RTM中,获取Unique ID的方法消失了。但是这个问题在这一年里被广泛的提及。 解决方法 Windows Phone 7.X 典型用法: (注意:不要忘记把ID_CAP_IDENTITY_DEVICE加入到App Manifest里面) 1: byte [] myDeviceID = ( byte [])Microsoft.Phone.Info.DeviceExtendedProperties...
  • Blog Post: how to get unique device id for Windows 8 and Windows Phone app

    Background: In some situation we may want to identify different device that the app runs on in order to apply device-specific content or behavior. Original from Windows Phone 7 ago, we got direct solution to retrieve the device unique ID for a WP device, and things were got a little changed (improved...
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