Welcome to the Visual Studio LightSwitch Team Blog!

Welcome to the Visual Studio LightSwitch Team Blog!

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This is where members of the LightSwitch team will be posting information about a new, exciting product we're building here at Microsoft aimed at business application developers. LightSwitch is the simplest way to create data-centric business applications for the Desktop and the Cloud. Stay tuned for more details later after we unveil LightSwitch at the VSLive! conference in Redmond.

For now, check out Jason Zander's post: Introducing Microsoft® Visual Studio® LightSwitch™ , and this Channel 9 interview: Jay Schmelzer: Introducing Visual Studio LightSwitch as well as the LightSwitch Developer Center for more late-breaking content.


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  • I know it's really early in the game, but i'm already getting the impression that LightSwitch almost mimics Access in its functionality and interface (With some cool upgrades of course). Just how much is this going to dumb down the development process?  And what is it going to do to good coding practices.  I'm seeing rock hard coupling between the data and UI layers here.

    All in all though, I still can't wait to take it for a test drive.  Thanks for working so hard to develop new tools =)

  • Hey Max,

    Glad to hear you are excited about taking LightSwitch for a test drive in a couple weeks.  We'll look forward to your feedback.

    Regarding your question.  LightSwitch creates a logical 3-tier application, which can then be deployed to multiple physical topologies.  Under the covers we use the Entity Framework to access the database and create a WCF RIA Service to expose that data to the Silverlight client application.


  • Hi,

    LightSwitch look awesome! Hope Windows mobile 7 is on the list of supported devices for v.2.

    I really also hope you guys have considered using the recommended sw-patterns for data access, web services and GUI etc. when generating the code behind this? How about cooperating with the p&p team and utilizing the amazing work that Prism has done?

  • Will there be a reporting tool within LightSwitch -- similar to Access?

  • Hi I have just come across LightSwitch,

    I must say, it does look like the answer to a power users prayers.

    In the old days, there were many great 4GL's around, that power users could use to develop applications.  However, being based on Client-Server technology, they did not survive the rise of the Internet.

    Later MS Access became the power user's tool of choice, but although it eventually became Internet capable, it did not capture the imagination as an Internet application development tool.

    I suspect that, over the years (Decades) the power user community either moved to a new platform and/or might have actually shrank, in the face of complex Internet development requirements.

    So I am really interested to see, if LightSwitch can boost the power user community, just as VB and Access did, many moons ago!

    Personally, Enterprise/WPF applications are not of much interest to me.  I am much more interested in writing Ennterprise Line-of-Business Applications and running them, as a (Multitenanted) Service from Azure.  So I hope this is the way in which LightSwitch will evolve.

    The Combination of Azure, WCF RIA Services and SQL/SQL Azure looks like a coherent starting point.  (Although, for multitenanted applications, a relational databases is a terrible place to begin and for that reason I would have preferred the previoulsy tried (and dropped) ACE model database!).

    Very much looking forward to August 23rd :)



  • A perfect middle way between Access with steroids and Visual Studio 2010. I think it will be very well adopted. Keep going with this good work.

  • Dear Sir,

    How Reports (Printable and Exportable) Can be prepared in Light Switch.


    Deepak Vora


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