How Do I: Deploy a Visual Studio LightSwitch Application? (Beth Massi)

How Do I: Deploy a Visual Studio LightSwitch Application? (Beth Massi)

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We just released another new “How Do I” video on the LightSwitch Developer Center:

#12 - How Do I: Deploy a Visual Studio LightSwitch Application?

This video compliments the following articles:
Deployment Guide: How to Configure a Machine to Host a 3-tier LightSwitch Beta 1 Application
Implementing Security in a LightSwitch Application

If you missed the rest of the video series, check out the rest that are available on the LightSwitch Developer Center Learn page: 

-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community

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  • I stumbled upon this tool a few weeks ago and am in the process of learning it. I love it by the way. Its awesome. Do you have any tutorials on using controls like combobox and programmatically manipulate it? In my case I am trying to populate it with a set of comboboxitems when the page loads and subsequently load a particular screen or group when a user selects on a particular comboboxitem. Thanks for your videos!

  • Hi.

    can you help me with something?

    I need to put an icon in the app when I do the Deploy. I chage the App Icon, but in the start menu appears the icon of  ClickOnce by default.

    There is some way to change this icon?

    Thanks a lot, and sorry my english!!!!

  • Hi Luis,

    Check out this forum thread on how to add an icon that will show up in the start menu:



  • LightSwitch 2-Tier Deployment with oData Service


    Hi I am deploying LightSwitch Application (with AD Authentication enabled) with oData Services. I have enabled aspnet roles and included users as part of Application.mdf file. When i installed application in my machine i am able to access without any issue.

    But when i install the application in Testers machine i am ended with Time out issue,so tried disabling AD they are able to access the application, can you please guide me to resolve the issue. Please help we are unable to Progress SIT b/c of this issue.



    Arguments: http://localhost:54606/Web/Microsoft-LightSwitch-Security-ServerGenerated-Implementation-AuthenticationService.svc/binary/GetAuthenticationInfo

    Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. See


    Thanks in Advance.

    Warm Regards

    Sreedhar D

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