LightSwitch Samples on the new Samples Gallery

LightSwitch Samples on the new Samples Gallery

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A couple months ago MSDN released a new site for samples where product teams and the community can contribute code. We’ve been popping team samples up there as well, just look for the LightSwitch Team author:

Download LightSwitch Team Samples

Here’s a description of the ones we have up there so far:

The community has also started to join in! Take a look at the Visual Studio LightSwitch tag for more.

Download LightSwitch Community Samples

We have a lot more planned as well so keep checking back. We’ll also be creating a “Featured Samples” page on the Developer Center that we will use to pick out community samples here on the gallery and feature them there. Got a cool idea for a LightSwitch sample? Put them on the Samples Gallery and tag the Key Technology = Visual Studio LightSwitch and maybe your sample will become famous! :-)

-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community

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  • The filter control dose not work as expected..

    I created a new details screen based on a new query is told in the sample example.

    When I add some new customer names, save them I close the tab open it again & all the names that I added are gone..

    also when I try to create a new filter to search based on name, hitting GO dose not yield any outputs..

    Kindly let me know if I am doing something wrong..

    Thanks & Regards

    Supreet Tare

  • Got it working..

    I am sorry for my mistake at the time of adding the parameter I was also specifying a where clause.

    Removing the where clause solved the issue..

    Thanks for this wonderful extension..



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