Excel Importer Updated for Web Applications

Excel Importer Updated for Web Applications

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The most common feedback that we’ve heard about the Excel Import extension is that it doesn’t work for web applications.  Since we can’t access Excel from a web application, we’ve updated the extension to import data from CSV files in this situation.  For details on using the extension, please see How to Import Data from Excel Using the Excel Import Extension

Download the Excel Import Extension

- Sheel

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  • Please take a look at this forum post. social.msdn.microsoft.com/.../8c92425d-9025-4395-b129-4ec521abffb5

    I have been trying to contact someone from the LS Team for quite some time now.

    Hope this works :-)

  • For me it does not work !

    I try to import a simple CSV File (which I created under Excel 10) with only 3 column.

    The first line contain "A" in A1, "B" in A2 and "C" in A3 to identify my fields. My CSV file is perfectly firmer, and I can reread it in Excel without problem.

    At Import, after selecting the file, the so called "Mapping Dialog" presents the first field as "A;B;C" , except only "A". This means that the semi-colon is not recognized as a field (column) separator.

    What did I miss ? Is there a way to make it work ?

    Thanks in advance.


  • I can't use the plugin due to CSV compatibility only and with semi-colon.

    Please Update it....

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