DevExpress Reporting Extension for LightSwitch

DevExpress Reporting Extension for LightSwitch

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DevExpress has added LightSwitch support to their award winning reporting solution, XtraReports. This LightSwitch extension lets you create and display client-side reports right in your LightSwitch applications!

Download XtraReports directly from DevExpress

XtraReports will also be available on the Visual Studio Gallery on Tuesday July 26th at which time you will be able to either install XtraReports directly from Visual Studio LightSwitch via the Extension Manager or you can download it from the Visual Studio Gallery.

The following tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on installing and using DevExpress XtraReports for LightSwitch.

For more details about XtraReports see the DevExpress Reporting Blog and stay tuned for more extensions available from our partners.

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  • How to change the display name of the buttons on the display of the XtraReport for LightSwitch

  • Tôi muốn thay đổi tên hiển thị trên câc nút Submit và Reset sang Tiếng Việt thì làm như thế nào

  • I want to change the name displayed on the Submit button and Reset to Vietnamese then how

  • Hi Tam,

    You'll want to ask DevExpress this question. Here's their support forums:

    Thanks for using LightSwitch.



  • And what other similar extension do you recommend for reporting in LightSwitch, please? We prepared whole app  using XtraReports for printing reports, but unfortunately it doesn´t work with some czech non-ascii characters (ž, ř, ...) while exporting to PDF. (App is published on Azure websites.) So it is unusable for us :( Devexpress people wrote, they cannot fix it.  So we are forced to change it apparently. Any tips? Thank you

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