Visual Studio 11 Product Line-up Announced

Visual Studio 11 Product Line-up Announced

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Today the Visual Studio 11 product line-up was announced on the Visual Studio Team blog. Part of this announcement was information on what editions will support LightSwitch development.

Launched last year as an out-of-band release, I’m excited to announce that LightSwitch is now a core part of the Visual Studio product line! LightSwitch will be available through Visual Studio 11 Professional, Premium and Ultimate. With this integration, Visual Studio now provides a comprehensive solution for developers of all skill levels to build line-of-business applications and data services quickly and easily for the desktop and cloud.

I am particularly excited about the additional tools for data application development that will be available to you. In addition, with the new data services (OData) support in LightSwitch, you will be able to build additional clients using the broad set of project templates now included in these editions including Windows 8 Metro style apps.


LightSwitch will be retired from sale as a standalone product with the release of Visual Studio 11. If you acquire Visual Studio Professional, Premium, or Ultimate you will also get the LightSwitch development experience included in the box. We previously announced a price reduction for Visual Studio 2010 Professional to align it with the planned pricing for Visual Studio 11 making this an even more exciting offer. For more information on Visual Studio pricing please see:

Bringing LightSwitch and Visual Studio closer together was a natural choice. LightSwitch is a valuable tool offering a wide variety of developers the ability to quickly and easily build line of business applications. By including LightSwitch into the core Visual Studio 11 product line we are able to more fully integrate the products, making both stronger and offering additional value to developers of all skill levels.

Jay Schmelzer, Principal Director Program Manager – LightSwitch Team

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  • Jay, so what's the roadmap for LS as far as it's platform dependency and support? For example, currently LS is built using Silverlight platform, so it depends on the SL and supports SL controls and structure. But, is this going to be it's long term platform or is there plan to move it to Win8 Desktop application or towards HTML5/JS Web platform or Both?

    What's the direction of LS, will it primarily a "Desktop" application builder or "Web" application builder???



  • Welcome LightSwitch, first class citizen!

  • Looking at the announcements, I can't figure out if LightSwitch will be available in an Express edition?

  • Everywhere I've looked concerning the upgrade path from VS2010 to VS11, it says that VS11 will be a free upgrade if we purchase VS2010 with MSDN now. Is this also true if we purchase VS2010 without MSDN? Or will there be an upgrade charge in that case?

  • @Ben – We’re not quite ready to discuss our roadmap beyond what we’ve already announced in Visual Studio 11 Beta. Please stay tuned.

    @Jeff – LightSwitch will not be available in Express editions. You will need Professional, Premium or Ultimate editions. For more info on Express editions see:

    @Kyle – The pricing information that we’ve released to date is on the pricing page. Check back there for updated pricing info as it becomes available:

  • Hardly sounds fair for those of us who purchased both VS2010 and the current version of Lightswitch as a standalone app.

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