What's New in LightSwitch for Visual Studio 2012 RC?

What's New in LightSwitch for Visual Studio 2012 RC?

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We’re excited to announce an update of LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate! We’ve appreciated the feedback and community engagement we received on our Beta features – in addition to addressing many customer-reported bugs, I’m happy to announce several more goodies now available with RC:

New Default Shell & Theme.  Last March, we published a preview of the LightSwitch Cosmopolitan Shell & Theme on the VS Gallery to give LightSwitch applications a more modern look-and-feel and corporate branding.  Since then, we have fixed a significant number of community reported visual bugs and improved readability (such as adding data grid lines).  Based on the positive feedback, the Cosmopolitan Shell & Theme is now the default UI for new projects.


Branding included in the Login Screen. In addition to the new Cosmopolitan Shell & Theme, we also listened to customer feedback on UserVoice and added the application logo on the login screen for applications using forms authentication. It will show up once you deploy the application.

Performance.  We have improved the performance of core data operations, which in turn improves many application scenarios (loading data, sorting, paging, refreshing screens, etc.).  We have also improved the design-time experience - this means faster loading of projects, attaching to data sources, creating screens and tables, and building projects (F5).

Simplified Azure Publish Experience. We’ve significantly simplified the workflow required to publish LightSwitch apps to Azure.  These improvements are not in the RC build – instead, it will be available as an add-on.  Stay tuned for more information on this soon.

This is a big milestone for the product as we push toward finalizing VS 2012 - please do provide your feedback on any remaining issues to help ensure we get another great release of LightSwitch into your hands! For more LightSwitch resources, visit the RC resources page on the Developer Center. And for more information on what’s new in Visual Studio 2012 and the .NET Framework release candidates see Jason Zander’s blog post.

Happy RC testing! 
-John Stallo, Program Manager Lead - Visual Studio LightSwitch Team

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  • Great approach! Consider to use it in some R&D projects soon.

    Mess is a great coach inside Microsoft, I have never seen one teacher can spread new product in such an efficient affection.

    Thanks for teams too.

  • How do we convert/update LS apps created in VS 11 to the Cosmo Theme

  • Looks really nice! But would love to have the source code to tweak simple things like fonts etc... to bring the theme in line with the corporate standards of my company.

    Any news on when the source code will be made available?

  • @Dean: You can upgrade an existing project to the new Cosmo look by simply selecting Cosmopolitan for the project's Shell and Theme - these are found in the project's Properties page, within the General Properties tab.  

    @Stevie5410: We do plan on sharing source for the Cosmopolitan Shell & Theme for the very reasons you outlined.  I don't have a specific timeline to share, but it's in the works - we'll post on this blog when it is available.

  • Great new features! I have very specific question, will new release of LightSwitch support more Data Annotations and RIA Services Invoke methods? At this moment is supported just small subset of all possible annotations and sometimes it makes data validation bit more difficult. It is the same with RIA Services Invoke Methods, which are very useful when working with data at server side (better performance, security reasons), but are not natively supported without some strange workarounds.

    My last questions is about native reporting features: Are there any plans to support reporting directly from LightSwitch?

    Thank you,


  • Great tool for power SharePoint users as well!

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