Publishing LightSwitch Apps to Azure with Visual Studio 2012–UPDATED

Publishing LightSwitch Apps to Azure with Visual Studio 2012–UPDATED

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The recent release of LightSwitch for Visual Studio 2012 included some updates around publishing to Azure.  Most importantly, we have made it even easier to publish your LightSwitch applications to Azure Web Sites by improving the publish wizard.  For more information on these updates, and a step-by-step walkthrough on publishing to Azure, check out the recently updated blog post: Publishing LightSwitch Apps to Azure with Visual Studio 2012.


-Andrew Lader, LightSwitch Team

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  • Nice, 'cause at the moment Azure is driving me nuts. Beth's great old vid is no longer useful as Azure's management menu has changed. Q: Can a 2011 LS app using offsite MYSQL data work from Azure ? Guess I'll have to plod ahead and find out. Folks, LS looks like the best thing out of MS since you abandoned VB6. Looks like someone there remembered productivity. Now if you can just change the Access menus back to the 2003 version and re-support VB . . .

  • nope , cant get azure off the ground. Cant tell from the new azure menu even what my account subscription ID is.

    If anyone there wants to give me a hand feel free to write me at

    I'll be writing PHP code and not enjoying it.

    (I tried calling support but was on hold too long)

  • @byterbit - I'm working on more HDI vidoes and this is definitely one of them I need to update and is on my list. Regarding your subscription ID in the new portal: Drop down the arrow next to your sign-in name to expand the top menu. Then select "Account". This will display your subscriptions. Click your subscription and you can view all the account details, including the subscription ID. If you're having more issues I would suggest using the forums, they are much easier for troubleshooting and more experts are answering questions there:

    LightSwitch Forums:

    Azure Forums:  



  • Hello there;

    I am looking for a solution of sending SMS from my Microsoft LightSwitch Application. I tried so many ways of sending code but those didn't worked properly. Please suggest me the way of sending SMS from LightSwitch Application. My Email Id is

    Thank you.

    Anshul Dubey

  • For my light purpose, I love this feature.

  • After installing the Windows Azure SDK for .NET 1.7 (, more specifically portion of it for the Windows Azure Tools for LightSwitch for Visual Studio 2012, I can no longer Publish a LightSwitch application (non-Azure) to an IIS 6 server.  I receive the following message:

    Web deployment task failed.

    An error occurred when the request was processed on the remote computer.

    This provider requires that you use IIS 7.0 or higher on the source and destination servers.

    Is there a way to have this installed and still be able to target II6 for non-Azure LightSwitch applications?

  • Hi Mike,

    Can you provide more detail about what you are doing exactly, with focus on the steps you took, and the exact configuration of the server you are trying to publish against?

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