Visual Studio 2012 Launch: Building Business Apps with LightSwitch (Joe Binder)

Visual Studio 2012 Launch: Building Business Apps with LightSwitch (Joe Binder)

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As you probably heard, yesterday was the online launch event for the release of Visual Studio 2012! If you missed the live keynotes you can watch them on demand on the Visual Studio 2012 Launch site. There are also a ton of recordings available on the major new features in Visual Studio 2012, just head to the agenda page to browse them all

One of those videos shows off some of the new features in LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 that I encourage you to watch.

Watch: Building Business Applications with LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012

LightSwitch for Visual Studio 2012 is the easiest way to build business applications for the desktop and the cloud. We’ll take a look at some of the biggest enhancements in LightSwitch, from producing and consuming OData feeds to creating touch-first HTML clients quickly, in this short video.

For more in-depth information on new LightSwitch features in Visual Studio 2012 see these articles:

OData Services Support

New Data Features

Security Enhancements

UI Design Improvements

Deployment Enhancements

For more information on the HTML client preview see:

Have fun!

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  • I downloaded vs2012 and made a LightSwitch Project but did not see the improvements shown in the video?

    Does vs2012 have the latest LightSwitch? If not then when?

  • Hi Joshua,

    The HTML client aspects of the video are not included in Visual Studio 2012; they will be released at a later date.  You can download a preview of the HTML support here: Everything else is available in VS 2012.

    Thanks for watching.  Please post a question on the forums if you have any questions (


  • Hello Mr. Binder, I have purchased LS 2011 (not the complete Visual Studio) and now I want to upgrade to 2012, should I buy a new product or I'm entitled to Upgrade to Vistual Studio? where can I find that info? thanks in advance...

  • Checkout What's new in Visual Studio 2012

    <a Title="Visual Studio 2012 Features and Enhancements" href="">Visual Studio 2012 Features and Enhancements</a>

  • I've been very excited watching the progress of LightSwitch and I have to say that it is a most to have tool this days.

    In our organization we have some issues in terms of deploying and supporting Silverlight in all browsers enterprise wide that’s why I was happy to know (quite some time ago) that head to head with Silverlight clients, HTML clients can be produced also.

    Now, here is my question…

    Can you point me to a place where I can get information in how to generate/create custom HTML client screen templates that not necessarily will be targeting mobile platforms?

    In other words, I’m looking into creating templates that can generate screens with nice look and feel for regular Web applications to be hosted in regular desktop browsers.


  • VS 2012 LightSwitch HTML Client is really great tool, that you can built serious proof of concept applications almost without writing one line of code for Microsoft Dynamics (NAV, AX, CRM...) which until recent time we couldn't do it without writing some middle tier web services at least. I have step by step blog on Consuming Dynamics NAV from VS 2012 LightSwitch HTML client:

  • @Michel - you may want to check this out

    @ShelmonZaia - Thanks for the blog post!

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