Announcing LightSwitch HTML Client Preview 2!

Announcing LightSwitch HTML Client Preview 2!

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We are pleased to announce an updated preview of the LightSwitch HTML Client!  The overly positive feedback we received following our first preview last June for building HTML5-based, touch-optimized mobile business applications has truly been energizing – thank you for your constructive feedback and support as we continue to develop this important release.  Here’s a summary of what’s new in Preview 2.

Preview 2 can be Installed into Visual Studio 2012 RTM

Early adopters will remember our first preview was made available only as a preconfigured VHD, a decision we made at the time to expedite getting the preview out to you for some early tire kicking.  This time, with Preview 2, we’ve made it available as a simple WPI (Web Platform Installer) package that you can install on any machine that already has Visual Studio 2012 Professional or above.

Build SharePoint 2013 Apps with LightSwitch

This is potentially our biggest announcement for Preview 2, and for many good reasons!  SharePoint has fast become an important hub of activity within the enterprise.  It’s the central portal where folks sign-in to collaborate with each other and participate in business workflows, so it makes sense that an increasingly common request we’ve heard is to create business apps where your users are: that is, run LightSwitch apps from SharePoint.

Leveraging the simplicity and productivity of LightSwitch, you can now use Preview 2 to build SharePoint 2013 apps and install them on an Office 365 site.  For the developer, this means simplified deployment, central management of user identity, app installation and updates, and the ability for your app to consume SharePoint services and data in a more integrated fashion. For users of your app, this means a central place for them to sign-in once and launch modern, web-based applications on any device for their everyday tasks.


Users sign-in to a SharePoint 2013 site and launch apps from a central app catalog.


SharePoint Apps built with LightSwitch run with the user’s credentials without needing to sign-in again.  The top blue bar—called the SharePoint Chrome control—allows users to jump back to the SharePoint site with a single tap.

We’ve provided a walkthrough to help you explore building SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch. You’ll also need to sign up for an Office 365 Developer account by visiting  Click the Build: Sign up and start building apps tile to start the process.


Visit to sign up for an Office 365 account.

HTML Client Experience Enhancements

We’ve continued to evolve and improve the experience for building modern HTML5-based web apps with LightSwitch, improvements that apply regardless of whether you’ll run your app on SharePoint 2013, Azure, or on-premise IIS.  In Preview 2 we have significantly improved the design-time coding experience with better JavaScript IntelliSense support and debugging, introduced a number of additional coding entry points for responding to common events, and a richer set of APIs for interacting with the application.  We’ve also provided an integrated experience with jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller for custom theming, introduced a new Tile list control, simplified control of layout and sizing, added support for publishing to Azure websites, and more!  Stay tuned over the next several days for a series of blog articles that cover these enhancements in detail.  To help you tie all this together, we’ve updated the Contoso Moving walkthrough to include new features from Preview 2.

Download Preview 2

Download the preview and tell us what you think!  We’re very much looking forward to your feedback, questions, and suggestions. Please use the LightSwitch HTML Client forum to post your feedback and check the HTML Client Resources Page on the Developer Center and this blog for videos and articles as they become available!


Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio - Preview 2

Note: This is a one-stop package which includes LightSwitch HTML Client – Preview 2 as well as other components for building SharePoint 2013 Apps.

- John Stallo, Lead Program Manager, Visual Studio LightSwitch Team

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  • I can't wait to use it , but i wana to ask. Do you prefer any book to learn about  this ?

  • Hi Asaad,

    Here is a list of LightSwitch books I put together recently:

    You'll also want to check the LightSwitch Developer Center for a good set of getting started content including videos & samples:

    In particular, check out the Beginner section that points to a series of articles I wrote for folks getting started with LightSwitch:

    Have fun!

  • Awesome, have been waiting and checking daily for this update.  Thanks!

  • Congrats guys, looking forward to giving this a spin.

  • "you can now use Preview 2 to build SharePoint 2013 apps and install them on an Office 365 site" - is there a dependency on Office 365 or can LightSwitch apps be deployed to on-prem SharePoint too?

  • Two questions...

    1) If it installs as a WPI package, does that mean it will uninstall cleanly, or might there be issues? I don't normally install beta or preview software on a dev machine, but if this is just a package, it sounds like it might be simple to uninstall in case of problems, or when the release version comes out.

    2) I don't develop office or sharepoint stuff at all, do I still have to download the whole office dev tools? Can't I just get the LS part on its own? Also, similar to what Simon asked, is the LS stuff dependent on office or sharepoint in any way? If so, what?

    Thanks. Really looking forward to this!

  • @Simon, @Mr Yossu - There is no dependency on SharePoint. It's just an additional option you have.

    @Mr Yossu - regarding the uninstall, it should remove cleanly, but you'll need to uninstall each of the components.



  • When you run the installer, it shows the various components that will be installed with the Office dev tools. The LS component is listed as one of these, and has it's own download link.

    Given that I'm not interested in all the office and sharepoint stuff, can I just download and install that one component? Does it have other dependencies, and if so what?

    I'm really excited about the Lightswitch HTML client, but am a bit disappointed that MS wrapped it up with all the other stuff. I like to keep my machine as clean as possible, and really don't want to install things that I don't need.


  • This is very exciting to see HTML5 support.  When I started playing with Lightswitch back when it was in Beta, I abandoned it because of its tight requirement for Silverlight.  Being able to target  RAD based, data driven corporate web-apps that are not hard-wired to specific platform is very attractive.

  • @Mr. Yossu - The LightSwitch HTML client has a dependency on the Office tools bundle that's why they are packaged together. We highly recommend that you install all of the components for a smooth experience with preview 2. :-)

  • Thanks for the explanation. Are you able to tell me which components of the office bundle are dependencies for the HTML client? There are a lot there, and if they aren't all needed, I would prefer to uninstall the excess ones. I find it very frustrating when my dev machine gets clogged up with excessive packages that I don't need, and I woudl like to keep it as clean as possible. Given that I don't do any office or s/point development (and don't plan on doing so), I would prefer to remove anything connected with those that isn't needed for Lightswitch.

    Thanks again. Sorry to push this point, but it is a bit of an annoyance that Microsoft often insists on installing huge amounts of components without asking us we actually want. Visual Studio is a prime example of that :)

  • I can't install the preview. When I download the Installation Package, it starts Web Platform Manager and I get an message that the requested package could not be found.

    What could be the problem?

  • @Michael - Can you try again? It may have been a connection issue. If you're still having trouble, head to the forums and we can all troubleshoot there:

    Sorry for the inconvenience,


  • I wanted to download it but i get this message: Microsoft web Platform Installer coudn't find the product you tried to install. Either the link you clicked is incorrect or you may be overriding your feed with a diffrenent feed

  • Luv, luv, luv the work you folks are doing on the Lightswitch Team. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

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