Building a SharePoint App with LightSwitch (Beth Massi)

Building a SharePoint App with LightSwitch (Beth Massi)

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I just wanted to let everyone here know that I’ve been having fun using the HTML Client Preview 2 to build a SharePoint app on top of Office 365 using LightSwitch over on my blog.

Although you definitely can still host your apps on your own or in Azure, enabling SharePoint in your LightSwitch apps allows you to take advantage of business data and processes that are already running in SharePoint in your enterprise. Many enterprises today use SharePoint as a portal of information and applications while using SharePoint’s security model to control access permissions. So with the new SharePoint 2013 apps model, we’re bringing the simplicity and ease of building custom business apps with LightSwitch into SharePoint / Office 365. This is very compelling for many businesses. 

I’ve got a few posts about it that I think you will like, check them out:

-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community

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  • Thanks!

  • More interesting for my work, thanks!!!

  • Thanks Beth!!!

  • Beth Massi,

    This post absolutely fantastic if its with light switch - now I am big fan of LW with sharepoint 2013

    but if working with cloud then cost issue may arise.



    browse for cloud

  • Some of the links int he article are broken.

  • Hi Prince,

    All the links work for me, which one are you having trouble with?


  • Beth

    Does the new version of LightSwitch offer any integration with SQL Reporting Services tools.

    Or do you have any suggestions on how to integrate report to a Lightswitch application.

    Thanks in advance for your response

  • Here's how to open a an SSRS report:

    Also take a look at this documentation for more options:

  • Hi Beth,

    Just want to clarify this. If I create (autohosted) SharePoint app with LightSwitch HTML Client for Office 365, I will NOT need to have Azure account to host my app, correct? I did a test and I was able to publish my app to Office 365 and use it. I don't have Azure account.

  • @Sydney - if you choose auto-host, then O365 will auto provision the Azure site automatically for you. All you need is an O365 account in that case.

  • Thanks Beth!

  • Hi Beth,

    I'm looking for a way to create SharePoint app using LightSwitch and only scope the app to a single site collection instead of the whole tenancy. Is it possible? I don't seem to find any setting in Visual Studio to let me do it. Or I will have to write up some codes?

    Much appreciated!

  • @Sydney - not that I'm aware of, but you can auto-install the app to specific site(s) after you add it to the catalog. And then hide it from users by disabling it in the catalog (I think). See:

    If that doesn't work, you might want to ask your question in the Apps for SharePoint forum:



  • I think I have this question on a different post, but I could not able to find correct post for my question. I have a ODATA Connector and a seperate light switch application which uses this Odata Connector. I need to set up permission on Odata connector ( like read and edit) so that it should reflect on my light switch app. any idea how to achieve this?

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