Announcing the Release of the LightSwitch HTML Client!

Announcing the Release of the LightSwitch HTML Client!

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On behalf of the LightSwitch team, I am proud to announce the release of the LightSwitch HTML client in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2! It’s been an exciting journey for us and we thank you for all your valuable feedback that got us here.

LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2

(Note: if you are upgrading from Update 2 CTP4 then you can go ahead and install the final Update 2 release. Users of the LightSwitch Preview 2 please read these important upgrade instructions.)

What do you get?!

imageThe HTML5 and JavaScript-based client addresses the increasing need to build touch-oriented business applications that run well on modern mobile devices. LightSwitch HTML clients are built on standards-compliant HTML5 and JavaScript and provide modern, touch-first experiences on Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, iPhones and iPads with iOS 5/6, and Android 4.x devices.

imageWith the new SharePoint 2013 apps model, we’re also bringing the simplicity and ease of building custom business apps with LightSwitch into SharePoint / Office 365. Many enterprises today use SharePoint as a collaboration hub to better people, content, and processes.  Although you can still choose to host your apps on your own or in Azure, enabling SharePoint in your LightSwitch apps allows you to take advantage of the app lifecycle management, identity, and access control capabilities within SharePoint – not to mention the business data and processes already running in SharePoint in your enterprise.

Read more about the new LightSwitch features here.

But wait, there’s more!

With the release we have also created new resources for you to check out!

Developer Center – We’ve got a refreshed website with new HTML client resources. The Developer Center is your one-stop-shop for the best LightSwitch team samples, videos, articles and documentation. Start with the basics or go deeper and explore the architecture and hosting options of LightSwitch apps.

How Do I Videos – We also have started a new “How Do I...?” video series that shows you step-by-step how to get started building HTML clients with LightSwitch. Keep tabs on this page as we’re planning a lot more!

JavaScript Samples – We also have created some JavaScript snippets that show you how to achieve many common coding tasks on the HTML client. If you’re new to JavaScript, these snippets should help!

Ask questions in the General Forum – Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the previews! Now that we have released, we will continue our conversations in the LightSwitch General forum. The team is listening there.

The team is extremely happy to have reached this important milestone and we’re looking forward to hearing about all the amazing applications you will be building!

-John Stallo, Program Manager Lead, LightSwitch Team

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  • Amazing software! Congratulations to Lightswitch team!

  • Great news! I presented a session yesterday at SharePoint TechFest in Dallas on LightSwitch an SharePoint. So glad to see this release! Looks like I will be updating Visual Studio today!

  • Having waited ages for this release I built my first HTML Client with zero lines of code - great so far...  BUT, where's the edit GRID...?  As a data collection solution using the HTML Client Project type, I have just three screen types, none of which enables swift data-entry using a GRID - the absolute number 1 need for engineers and analysts in the field!

    Please tell me there are plans in the works for a GRID Screen...!

    Alternatively, as it's likely I've missed something, should I change the Project Type and go about developing a "classic" Grid that can be the basis for the HTML Grid...?

    VERY willing to learn and be corrected...

    VERY happy to have this release in my hands and delighted to have to write little or no code!!!

    MANY THANKS.  Looking forward to even more code-less developer aids from the Team.

  • In a holistic way, the whole programming community should be benefit from this. A new paradigm,  I shall say. Thank you for this great improvement.

  • Any plans to extend the Course Manager example with an LS HTML front-end?

  • Thank you all for the encouraging words!

    @Stephen: For this release we focused on making it easy to build touch-centric UI for the mobile/tablet form factor.  That said, there is a good selection of rich controls in the broader community which you can integrate using a custom control to add custom HTML and JavaScript.  As the industry continues to move toward modern UI paradigms like touch and mobile, we are interested to learn more about how folks think about incorporating traditional-style controls (like grids) vs. other emerging UI patterns, and whether we should include other built-in gestures to make bulk data entry scenarios easier (for example, import data).

    @Michael: Andy Kung, who authored the Course Manager example, has kicked off a new, similar series to help folks get started with the new HTML client.  You can find it here:  We're always interested to learn how we can provide valuable content, so we look forward to your feedback.

  • Does the update include a fix for Blend on Win 7, allowing for the creation of WPF, Silverlight projects? Have been using Blend 4 because Blend in VS 2012 is pretty much useless on Win 7.

  • Is there a roadmap going forward for Lightswitch?

  • Hi,

    I need code for validating user in html client. I have created table with userid and pwd now I need to verify the values and allow user to move further

  • @Madhuri - LightSwitch has a built-in user permissions system in which you can use Windows or Forms Auth. See this topic in the MSDN docs:

    The idea is you write permission checking code on your entities via the data designer which is executed server-side (i.e. to prevent/allow users from modifying data). To manage the actual users and roles, an administrator uses the Silverlight client. Then users will see a login screen when they run the HTML client.

    If you have more questions, start a thread in the forum:



  • Great! Lightswitch team and LightSwitch brings the world great product, and they are still make efforts for innovation!

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