Visual Studio 2013 Released – Thank You LightSwitch Community!

Visual Studio 2013 Released – Thank You LightSwitch Community!

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Soma just announced that Visual Studio 2013 has been released to the web!

Download Visual Studio 2013

We are super excited to get this release out the door and into your hands. Visual Studio 2013 contains a ton of new tools for developers to build best of breed, modern applications and services.


For starters, all the goodness we released starting in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 is also part of Visual Studio 2013. This means you can build cross-browser, mobile-first HTML5 apps that can run on any modern touch device and optionally publish these apps to a SharePoint 2013 app catalog.

In addition, you’ll find a lot of new LightSwitch features in this release, things like:LS_Understanding_Image1

We’ll continue to dive into the details with more posts. For now, head to the LightSwitch Developer Center and take a look at some of our new resources. You can also read about What’s New in Visual Studio 2013.

We are also happy to announce the release of a new LightSwitch Extensibility Toolkit for Visual Studio 2013! Head to the Extensibility page on the Dev Center for more details.


On behalf of the LightSwitch team I want to thank all of you who reported bugs and suggestions through our forum, connect, UserVoice, this blog, and emails to the team. Many of the most valuable product improvements are drawn from forum posts and discussions. We very much appreciate you taking the time to try the Visual Studio 2013 prereleases and provide feedback. Thank you especially to these folks who helped us track down the trickiest of bugs and dedicated time out of their busy schedules to work with us directly on fixing issues and making LightSwitch the best release it could be!

Adam Cogan
Alessandro Del Sole
Ashley Zhang
Cesar De la Torre Llorente
Christopher Maduro
Dan Beall
David Archer
David Baker
Derek Fluker
Ian MacPherson
Jan Van der Haegen
John Juback
Martin Horner
Michael Washington
Pat Tormey
Paul Van Bladel
Robert MacLean
Stephen J Naughton
Xander van der Merwe


Mark your calendars and join us on the Visual Studio 2013 virtual launch event on November 13th. There will be live streaming of the launch keynotes and a ton of on-demand videos on all the new features in Visual Studio – directly from Visual Studio team members. And stay tuned for more samples, articles and videos here from the LightSwitch team!

-Beth Massi, Community Manager, Visual Studio LightSwitch Team

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  • Cool to see names of all team members, And Congratulations!!

  • I believe the names listed are community members and MVPs  who graciously helped the LS team outside of MSFT.

  • Correct, those are non-MSFT folks - but "virtual" team members :)

  • Yes, very much.

  • There is an error when migrating from VS12 to VS13 Lightswitch projects, Server Application from the older version is not upgraded and manual conversion is required but in the upgrade log it does not read where to fix this, it seems like all the screen does not exists anymore. Please help!

  • @Angel -- Sorry you're having trouble. Can you please start a thread in the LightSwitch forum with the details of your project? It's easier to troubleshoot with you in the forums.

  • It would be much nicer for once a stable version with performance of LightSwitch to see. We have just installed the 2013 version and have error again.

    In the 2012 version we had a lot of bugs (on a support request to Microsoft we have been waiting for half a year and still have no answer).

    With the 2011 version, we were not able to provide a stable program available to the customer.

    The performance of the Silverlight client is still a disaster.

    Please where is the benefit?

  • @j.nord

    Sorry you're having trouble. We did fix a lot of customer reported perf issues in VS2013. Can you point me to the thread where you reported your problem so we can reproduce? I will have the team investigate.



  • @Beth Massi

    the first thread:

    Microsoft Support ID:  [REG:113030810273442] PRO/DE/IE10

    the second thread:

    Performance Lightswitch (Silverlight Client):

    Another problems:

    We have a WCF RIA Services with Entity Framework data source. If changes are made ​​to the Entity Framework, the LightSwitch project for every change has to be reloaded. Foreign Key on the same table lead to errors (object instance not found).

  • @j.nord - Thanks for the links. Will respond in the forums.

  • Hi,

    Congrats to the LS Team. I will admit that I haven't had much opportunity to play with LS in VS2013, I will my team has been using LS since the early days of V1 (which wasn't that long ago). We've had a rocky times with LS but overall it has allowed us to do things that we would have otherwise not have had time to do.

    LS IMNHO is one of the most exciting developments out of MS in quite some time.

  • I have been developing light switch app, its great for data entry applications but needs to give more  control to developer  to develop customized business applications that include back-end queries to UI modifications, seriously it took me an hour to put upload file element and using ASP to handle it.

    Is there any easy way to export its functionality to ASP.NET

  • This is supposed to be a replacement for Visual FoxPro?

  • Good.

    Ryan Pereira


    phone number-91-22-23876133


    mumbai-400 026.

  • This is supposed to be a replacement for Visual FoxPro 9.0 sp2

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