All About Newsfeeds With Your Cloud Business App (Nicole Haugen)

All About Newsfeeds With Your Cloud Business App (Nicole Haugen)

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Cloud Business Apps in Visual Studio 2013 allow you to easily integrate with SharePoint and use the Office 365 collaboration and social features – including newsfeeds.  You can now expose entity data in your app as a newsfeed so that users can choose to follow your app and receive posts to their personal newsfeed each time changes are made to the data. Each post provides an entity details link so that users can easily navigate back to the app from their newsfeed and view the entity data that was changed.

Our very own Nicole Haugen is featured today on the Apps for Office and SharePoint blog where she shows you how to implement these SharePoint Newsfeeds in your apps . Check it out:

All About Newsfeeds With Your Cloud Business App


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  • Nice blog.  The scenario is relevant and applicable to organizations.  Unfortunately, until/unless sharepoint app model allows more control over auto-hosted deployment and or handles multi-tenancy in provider-hosted (ie allows changing connections strings at runtime), I don't see developers jumping on CBA bandwagon.  Who wants an app where data is in some unknown place, without backup\restore available and gets wiped out when the app is removed from a site?

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