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    Please pardon my appearance

    It's time to start blogging again! However, I'm not used to the "new and improved" MSDN Blogs, so please pardon my appearance as I figure out some CSS overrides to make it spiffy. Or at least semi-spiffy.
  • Developing the Future

    Philly XAML Meeting – Windows Phone 7

    Thanks to all who came out to last night’s Philly XAML meeting!  Though Dave couldn’t make, I hope I did the topic some justice.   If you want to learn more, come out to our Windows Phone 7 Firestarter on September 22nd at UPenn . Follow...
  • Developing the Future

    Why Choose Computer Science?

    This morning I had the opportunity to take part in a panel hosted by DeVry University about In-Demand Careers.  Our audience was made up of prominent bloggers and experts in the area of career strategy and guidance.  For me, pursuing a career...
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