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  • Blog Post: Part 3 of 9: Design Aesthetics

    Missed the rest of the series?  Check out: Part 1 Part 2 -------------------------- For developers, a common obstacle on the road to game publishing success is DESIGN. If considering design isn’t part of your game development strategy, your game will not be successful.  Think about the mobile...
  • Blog Post: Part 2 of 9: Creating a Complete Windows 8 Game (minus the game) - Planning

    (Missed Part 1? Here you go: Part 1: Overview ) The first aspect of creating a COMPLETE game for Windows 8 is: PLANNING. By planning, I don’t mean figuring out your characters, level design, number of levels or anything that is internal to the game. Remember, this is minus the game. Think...
  • Blog Post: Part 1 of 9: Creating a Complete Windows 8 Game (minus the game) - Overview

    Emphasis on the word: COMPLETE. (I’m going to generalize a bit here…just for argument’s sake) Developers like solving problems, making stuff work, figuring things out, fixing bugs, adding features. So, it’s no surprise to me that when I talk to devs about Windows 8, and...
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