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  • Blog Post: HackReady.Phone Episode 3 of 7: Understanding Windows Phone’s Application Lifecycle and State Management

    You can view the webcast On-Demand: This part of our Windows Phone development series covered the Windows Phone Application Lifecycle (see picture below). Understanding this is important for developers, as users expect a consistent experience across all their applications...
  • Blog Post: HackReady.Phone Episode 1 of 7: Introduction to the Windows Phone Platform (Level 100) -

    I hope you enjoyed the first part of our series on Windows Phone development! Here are the resources that we covered: Slides are attached to the bottom of this post Download the Windows Phone SDK Dani's blog: Resources from slides: App Hub: http://create...
  • Blog Post: HackReady.Phone Webcast Series is coming soon!

    Join us for HackReady, the new online learning series designed for developers to bring you the vital bits you need, without the fluff you won’t miss. Full of key information and demonstrations, this series gives you a solid understanding of the tools, techniques, and resources you need to become...
  • Blog Post: Resources from the HTML5 and Windows Phone 7 Developer Camps

    My awesome fellow ADE, Tara Walker ( ) just posted about ALL the content that we've presented at the recent round of Windows Phone Camps and HTML5 Game Camps. If you missed the camps altogether, you can check out the MSDN Webcast series we're doing with the HTML5 Game...
  • Blog Post: MSDN Webcast: Enterprise Library 4.1

    Thanks for joining today's webcast on the Enterprise Library! An hour is a short time to get through all that goodness, but since I didn't get to cover 5 of the 8 application blocks in depth, you can download demos and the slides below. Enterprise Library on MSDN:
  • Blog Post: MSDN Webcast: Composite Application Guidance (PRISM) for WPF and Silverlight

    Thanks for joining me today, even though I went a little over time! Resources: Watch the webcast here: Download the slides:
  • Blog Post: MSDN Webcast: Silverlight Controls Framework

    Thank you for joining my session today! Here are some links to get you started. To watch the webcast: Webcast slides and code:
  • Blog Post: MSDN Webcast: XNA Game Studio 3.0

    I hope you enjoyed today's webcast on XNA Game Studio 3.0, here are some resources to explore! Webcast Recording: Webcast slides and code:
  • Blog Post: MSDN Webcast: ADO.NET Data Services

    If you missed today's webcast, you can catch it here: The slides and code are up on Windows Live Skydrive: Resources: ...
  • Blog Post: MSDN Webcast: Tips & Tricks for the Visual C# Integrated Development Environment

    Thank you for joining me today on my webcast! If you missed it you can view it On Demand: Some helpful resources: The slides of today's presentation:
  • Blog Post: MSDN Webcast: Overview of ASP.NET MVC

    For anybody that missed the webcast today on ASP.NET MVC, you can view the On Demand recording here: I've uploaded the slides and demos to skydrive:
  • Blog Post: Upcoming MSDN Webcasts

    I am pretty busy with a whole lot of MSDN webcasts coming up. If you haven’t had the opportunity to view an MSDN Webcast, it’s a great way to learn from product team members, community experts, Microsoft Partners – even Developer and Architect Evangelists! MSDN Webcasts cover all the technologies under...
  • Blog Post: MSDN Webcast: Tips & Tricks for the Visual Studio Debugger

    If you missed my webcast today on Tips & Tricks for the Visual Studio Debugger, you can watch it On Demand: I've uploaded the slides and demos to SkyDrive:
  • Blog Post: Upcoming December Developer Events

    Here's where I'll be in December, hope to see you there! 3rd, geekSpeak: Cloud Services 101 with Aaron Skonnard, 5th through 7th, She's Geeky Un-Conference in NYC: 6th, Harrisburg Code Camp, http://www.central...
  • Blog Post: MSDN Event Resources

    I had a great time kicking things off in NYC for this quarter of MSDN Events ! In case you missed something, or wanted to investigate further, check out the links below. I've also attached the slides for this quarter. Mike Benkovich , a fellow DE, posted some links for resources, which I've pasted...
  • Blog Post: "Look What You Can Do with Silveright 2" Part 6: Adaptive Streaming and More

    The last part of webcast series didn't focus specifically on one facet of Silverlight 2, but rather highlighted various aspects: media improvements Adaptive Streaming, Server-side playlists, DRM, Accessibility and UI Automation, OpenFileDialog, Isolated Storage and Silverlight for Mobile. Phew, that...
  • Blog Post: "Look What You Can Do with Silveright 2" Part 5: Testing Framework

    In the fifth part of our series, we examined Unit Testing in Silverlight 2. Not only did we release the source code to many Silverlight 2 controls, we shipped over 1500 unit tests that target them. We also shipped a very robust Silverlight Testing Framework that was built on the Visual Studio Team System...
  • Blog Post: "Look What You Can Do with Silveright 2" Part 4: Web Services Support

    Today we discussed consuming Web Services in our Silverlight 2 applications using ASMX Web Services, WCF Services and REST. This webcast was based on a blogpost by Tim Heuer . The attached code is modified from his source code to work with Silverlight 2 Beta 2. The changes I made from his code are as...
  • Blog Post: "Look What You Can Do with Silveright 2" Part 3: Introducing Deep Zoom

    Today we covered Deep Zoom, based on Seadragon technology, which allows the users of our Silverlight application to navigate large amounts of visual information (images) regardless of the size of data and bandwidth available for downloading it. A really cool implementation of Deep Zoom was introduced...
  • Blog Post: "Look What You Can Do with Silveright 2" Part 2: WPF UI Framework Continued

    Today we continued our discussion on why I love Silverlight 2 by examining Layout Managment using Grid, StackPanel and Canvas. We also took a look at binding controls to data ( see Jesse Libery's video ) and styling/skinning controls. Attached is the code.
  • Blog Post: "Look What You Can Do with Silveright 2" Part 1: Overview of Silverlight 2 and WPF UI Framework

    Today we went over the architecture of Silverlight, the new features in Silverlight 2 and started our discussion in the WPF UI Framework. We took a look at creating a Silverlight app in Expression Blend and VS2008. Attached to this post is the code.
  • Blog Post: Upcoming Silverlight 2 Webcast Series

    In June I'll be doing a very condensed 6-part webcast series entitled: Look What You Can Do with Silverlight 2. I wanted to call the series "Top Reasons I think Silverlight 2 is COOL," but that didn't fly. Click on the Webcast titles to register. Hope you can make it! Look What You Can Do with Silverlight...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2008 Podcasts

    Last month, Sam Gazitt and I did a series of short podcasts waxing poetic on Visual Studio 2008. Basically it's just Sam and I blabbing, but I had a fun time recording them, and I think they do a good job of highlighting the awesomeness of Visual Studio 2008 .
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Sync Framework Webcast Follow-up

    I hope you enjoyed my overview of the Microsoft Sync Framework! Here are the informational links, if you didn't get a chance to copy them: Microsoft Sync Framework: Microsoft Sync Framework Forum: Microsoft Sync on Code Gallery (download...
  • Blog Post: Webcast on Microsoft Sync Framework

    Next Friday at 1pm EST, I'll be presenting a webcast overviewing the Microsoft Sync Framework. You can register here: . Here's the webcast abstract: The Microsoft Sync Framework is a comprehensive synchronization...
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