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     A blog for PA and NJ tech students and faculty

  • Blog Post: Influence our products, chat with Microsoft Experts!

    A great way to gain insight into a technology and to give direct feedback to the product team developing the technology is via MSDN Online Chats ( ). They post new chat topics every week, so check back often or subscribe to the RSS feed. If there's a...
  • Blog Post: "Look What You Can Do with Silveright 2" Part 6: Adaptive Streaming and More

    The last part of webcast series didn't focus specifically on one facet of Silverlight 2, but rather highlighted various aspects: media improvements Adaptive Streaming, Server-side playlists, DRM, Accessibility and UI Automation, OpenFileDialog, Isolated Storage and Silverlight for Mobile. Phew, that...
  • Blog Post: A Weekend of Firsts (or Ode to Live Search)

    I've lived near Philadelphia for just over 2 years now, and until last weekend had never been "down the shore." For those of you not familiar with this magical land of goodness, "the shore" is how New Jersians and Eastern Pennsylvanians refer to the beaches along the New Jersey coastline. And one does...
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