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Featured interviews:

The Scott Storch Interview
We sat down with Grammy-winning producer Scott Storch (Christina Aguilerra, Pink, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Ja Rule, Beyonce Knowles, and Janet Jackson) to learn about how he got started in the business and what inspired him. Scott’s words of wisdom resonate deeply to those aspiring to become prominent in the music business…you have to start somewhere.

The Hank Shocklee Interview

A household name in urban and hip hop music and the producer of Public Enemy among several other groups, we spent over 30 minutes talking with Hank Shocklee of Shocklee Innertainment about technology, creative energies, and what young people can do nowadays to start capturing their creativity and build content. Plus he’s a really cool guy!

Meet Ray Williams, a man of many talents
A seasoned veteran of the music business and a mouthpiece for music enthusiasts around the world, Ray Williams (IMSTA, Music Marketing, MusicXPC, Steinberg Canada) speaks candidly about the creative process and the prominent role technology and digital tools play in that process. Ray most notably heads up the International Music Software Trade Association, a non-for-profit software anti-piracy organization based in Toronto, Ontario, whose charter is to educate music enthusiasts to “buy the software you use” and fight piracy and cracked software.