April, 2004

  • Lisa Wollin

    Using ASP.NET with FrontPage 2003

    We've published a new FrontPage article on working with ASP.NET pages, called Using ASP.NET with FrontPage 2003 . The author, Dave Berry, a FrontPage MVP, has worked extensively with Web development and FrontPage.
  • Lisa Wollin

    FrontPage Visual Studio Saga Continues ...

    I've been burried in FPSE land lately and haven't had much time to play with ASP.NET Web applications in FrontPage, but I did spend some time, and I can tell you, my experience was not good. Here's my setup. For whatever reason, my ISP doesn't have...
  • Lisa Wollin

    Integrating FrontPage and VS .NET

    I hadn't anticipated posting again so soon, but I wanted to comment on Saurabh Nandu's comment about Visual Studio .NET and FrontPage. Although both products provide Web development functionality, the two are not intended to be competing products....
  • Lisa Wollin


    First, let me introduce myself. My name is Lisa Wollin, and I'm the programmer writer for FrontPage. Okay, so what's that? Basically, I write (and coordinate) the developer documentation for FrontPage, which includes beginning to hard core Web development...
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