September, 2004

  • Lisa Wollin

    Adding Videos to a Web Page

    Today, someone asked me about how to add a video clip to a Web and show the controls. This is relatively easy, so I thought I would share with all of you how to do this. You can do this by using the Windows Media Player. To do this, switch to Code (or...
  • Lisa Wollin

    New Article: Working with HTML Using the FrontPage 2003 Object Model

    Yesterday we posted on MSDN a new article called, Working with HTML Using the FrontPage 2003 Object Model . Here's the summary: Learn how to use the Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Visual Basic for Applications object model to programmatically add or...
  • Lisa Wollin

    Web Design Continued . . .

    A couple weeks ago I posted a short and sweet post about not copying the poor web design that other people do really well. (See Web Design: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ugly .) I wanted to continue that discussion today with a link to an article...
  • Lisa Wollin

    Using script to close a window, etc....

    In a previous post, I provided JavaScript to open a page in a new window . It may sound funny, but once the window is opened, what does the visitor do when they're done with it? Generally, they can click on the red X in the upper right corner to close...
  • Lisa Wollin

    Web Design: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ugly

    My last two posts have elicited some strong reactions from some (hey, distressed, what the heck are ra-ra skirts?), so I decided to end this week with a comment about Web design, or rather what constitutes a good Web design and what constitutes a bad...
  • Lisa Wollin

    Adding Sound to Web Pages

    Have you ever opened a Web page that plays music? Personally, I find these incredibly annoying and usually change to another page as quickly as I can ... or turn my speakers down. Don't get me wrong: I love music, and I'm sure I've annoyed a few drivers...
  • Lisa Wollin

    Changing the appearance of the browser scrollbar

    I wanted to call this tip "Why I love Internet Explorer" because you can only do this in Internet Explorer. I would guess that most, if not all, hard-core Web developers know how to do this, but for any of you who don't and want to know, this tip's for...
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