We are pleased to announce that we deployed an update to the Live Framework CTP. This update contains a number of fixes. Please see below for details.

Thank you to the developer community for trying out the Live Framework CTP and taking time to submit your feedback. Many fixes made in this update were a result of the issues reported by the community via the Live Framework Developer Connection and the Live Framework Forum.

Version numbers for this release

Installing the Updated Live Framework Client

To install the updated Live Framework Client:

  • Sign-in to the Live Framework CTP Developer Sandbox.
  • Navigate to the Devices Tab.
  • Click "Add Device." (Note: To update the Live Framework client, you need to re-add any pre-existing devices in your Mesh.).
  • Choose the correct pperating system for your client from drop down and click "Install."
  • Download the LiveFrameworkClient.msi file to your desktop.
  • Run LiveFrameworkClient.msi to install the latest client bits.

Updating Mesh-enabled Web Applications from the Application Catalog

We have improved the application synchronization experience with this update. To ensure you have the latest updates for your Mesh-enable Web applications synchronized to your client devices, you should do the following (note that the four apps in the Application Catalog have all been updated with this latest release):

  • Close running instances of the applications on both the Live Desktop and all your devices.
  • Launch these applications in the Live Desktop. This will initiate the application synchronization to your devices.
  • On the device, wait while the application is synchronized, then launch the application.

For installing Mesh-enabled Web Applications for the first time, please refer to “Installing and Running a Mesh-enabled Web Application


Some of the fixes in this update are listed below.

  • The Live Framework client has number of fixes related to Mesh-enabled Web Application synchronization and performance.
  • The Profile resource is now accessible through Mesh-enabled Web Applications.
  • Mesh-enabled Web Applications can now access their Offers on the client.
  • Mesh-enabled Web Applications can be successfully updated and synced to devices using Live Framework Tools for Visual Studio.
  • ScriptUrl is fixed for the RunAtServer method to refer to http://user-ctp.windows.net/V0.1/Script.


Thanks for being one of the first to use Live Framework. We would appreciate any feedback you have. You can submit (and view others’) feedback and bugs here on the Microsoft Connect Web site or ask questions from our public forum.

Thank you,
The Live Framework team

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