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Videos about Live Mesh

Videos about Live Mesh

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We are releasing a batch of video content this evening to provide more details on Live Mesh.  Here's what we have lined up for your viewing pleasure:

Platform experience quick tour

Embed it: <iframe src="http://silverlight.services.live.com/invoke/60130/lm_demo/iframe.html" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style='width:640px; height:480px'></iframe>

Platform quick tour for developers

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Jon Udell's interview with Ray Ozzie


Overview of Live Mesh architecture


Overview of Live Mesh platform experience

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[update 5/20/08:
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  • Tonight we introduced Live Mesh go and see www.mesh.com &#8211; follow it on TweetScan . Read the blog

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  • Cool stuff.

    Where does this leave Office Groove?

  • Today Microsoft delivered their first down payment on the vision to connect our world of devices. The

  • There have been a lot of rumors around Microsoft coming out with something that is Software + Services.&#160;

  • @Sun: Live Mesh is a software + services platform for connecting your devices, data, apps and people together.  Groove is an app focused on teams collaborating together with their Sharepoint and Office data.

  • guys, anyone know if theirs a workaround to installing it on Win2k3??????

  • They should make a video explaining why it has to have UAC enabled to even install on Vista.

    What a horrible requirement.

  • The setup installer refused to run on my x64 Vista system because I am an Administrator and UAC is off. I develop and debug with Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server, and on Vista I am required to be an Admin with no UAC - so what am I supposed to do?

    With this Admin/UAC requirement, how do the developers develop Live Mesh?

  • They seriously need to give a good reason for enforcing the UAC rule. I would rather install XP or linux then have vista with UAC on. The prompts drive me absolutely insane.

  • @UAC comments

    Will do a blog post on this as soon as I get back from Web 2.0 and can connect with the guys who know the full details.  There is a real reason here having to do with COM and per-user installs, stay tuned.

  • If you are a developer then you need to see Live Mesh . I also recommend PDC 08 (I have previously been

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