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Service update: new build coming today (0.9.3103.13)

Service update: new build coming today (0.9.3103.13)

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We are pleased to announce that our next update will be available later today is now available. The new build contains a number of reliability and performance improvements; we've highlighted the key fixes below. By default your Live Mesh software will automatically update itself within 24 hours of the new build being posted, but you can always right-click the Notifier icon in the system tray and choose to force an immediate update.


  • Increased the reliability of Live Mesh folder behavior in Windows Explorer.
  • Fixed a problem with the ‘Save As’ dialog in Internet Explorer when downloading video files from the Live Desktop.
  • Enabled syncing of files greater than 2GB in size.
  • Greatly increased the speed of P2P synchronization.
  • Implemented a number of reliability fixes for backend services.
  • And, of course, a bunch of additional general performance improvements.

Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) reminder

While we no longer require that UAC be enabled when running Live Mesh on Vista SP1, if you initially installed Live Mesh with UAC enabled, and then disabled it, you might have some issues upgrading. Please see the “NOTICE: Updating Live Mesh and User Account Control (UAC)” Announcement on the Live Mesh forums for further information.

And as always, thank you for all the great feedback!


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  • The NOTICE URL in the section on UAC takes one to a HTTP403 Forbidden page. Also Live is spelt as Lie

  • @ Girish,

    Nice catch!  Should be fixed now. :)

  • over at the Live Mesh blog they’ve posted an update which should propagate within 24 hours – you can

  • Just the latest in a long series of small updates to the Live Mesh technical preview: We are pleased

  • Curiously the instalation of this update caused my quick lauch toolbar to switch off and when I switched it back on Icons have arranged themselves in Alphabetical order.

  • Still I am unable to install Live Mesh in Vista SP1 Enterprise!!!! :-(

    Please help!!!!

  • are English Regional Settings still required?

  • Any ideas when the ability to sync between devices without syncing to the live desktop for some folders? For example if I have a folder that I don't need to be available on my live desktop but I do want to sync between other devices, will this be supported?

  • Has anyone else noticed that clicking the Hide desktop on remote device icon doesn't really work?  This was one of the features I was looking forward to.  Anyone know if it's getting fixed?

  • Anyone else having problem that when new version is installed vista can not enable aero interface, just the basic one(no translucency etc)?

    tried 3 times - uninstall mesh client and aero is back, install mesh client again, no aero!

  • You already can sync to the cloud but not the desktop. Share a folder, set it to download on each machine in your mesh, then tell it not to sync with the desktop.

  • @ Darrell Jones

    We've had intermittent reports of this issue in the past.  I've added your report to our internal tracking, but feel free to submit a bug report.  Instructions are over on the forums: http://forums.community.microsoft.com/en/LiveMesh/threads

  • @ JK,

    Does Aero remain disabled after a reboot (with Live Mesh still installed)? We've had some reports in the past of the Live Mesh installation disabling Aero.  As a work around, usually a reboot (or running Windows Experience Index) can fix the problem.  You might want to see our forums for support (and please feel free to submit a bug report).


  • Yea I have had that same issue that Darrell Jones has had with the quick launch icons disappearing during updating Live Mesh and then when I show the quick launch icons again they're all arranged in alphabetical order. A little annoying since I have them grouped a certain way.

  • Really loving Live Mesh.  When the mobile client is released is when mesh will become a 100% required install for me.  Keep up the good work!  Would be nice to at least see some preview shots of the mobile client... : D

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