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Update on installation of Live Mesh for Mobile – FIXED!

Update on installation of Live Mesh for Mobile – FIXED!

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Thank you for using the Live Mesh for Mobile client! For users who saw a failure to add their mobile phone to their mesh, we have deployed an updated build of Live Mesh for Mobile. You will need to download the Mobile Installer from http://m.mesh.com/install/wm6/LiveMesh.cab again.  Once you have the new installer on your phone, run it and the installed client will be upgraded to the new version. The new Mobile Live Mesh Client is version number 0.9.3424.6 (check this through Menu -> About). Now you can start Live Mesh, sign in, and you should be good to go.


Currently Live Mesh for mobile devices is provided only on a limited basis in the US and UK. (UPDATE 2: Live Mesh for Mobile in the UK is currently full, in both the US and the UK. We know many of you are excited about trying Live Mesh with your mobile devices, so we'll be adding more spots very soon - stay tuned!) If you have a Windows Mobile 6.x client, click on one of the following links (US residents, UK residents).  Sign in with your LiveID, and you’ll be redirected to the device ring where you’ll see a link to “Use Live Mesh for mobile devices.”  Alternately, once you’ve signed in this way, the mobile client should be available for download by pointing your phone’s browser to http://m.mesh.com.


Thank you for your patience.


The Live Mesh Team


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  • Are certain devices being excluded?

    For instance, when i try most recent mesh installer on my old 6700, I get signed in and the app fails while trying to get the device identifier.

    My old ppc 6700 runs mobile 6 just fine. It would be a shame to not have it synced.

  • Working well so far.  Thanks for the quick turnaround.

  • awesome response time guys...  also, this is the most painless way to sync between mobile and desktop yet.  I'm loving it.  

    Great update.

  • I'm getting the same as Todd above.  Trying to add a HTC Touch Dual running Wm 6.1.

  • I'm also getting a device id failure on a Sony X1.

  • Still get the same Unsatisfied Dependency error.  I'm running 3.5.  What version is it looking for?

  • Live mesh is one of the most amazing programs MS has came out with in years but the cab does not work on my ATT Tilit version 6.1.  I got a limited error message!  

    It should be standard on every new Windows 7 OS.


  • I've also tried the new release and although the software installs fine I'm also seeing the installation failed message when it tries to retrieve the device identifier (T-Mobile MDA III / HTC Tytn II).

  • same issue, cant get device identifier.

  • When i logon to the US Residents link i do not see the "Use Live Mesh for mobile devices.”

    What's up?

  • nevermind i see it now had to go to add device and it's a link on that screen.

  • I installed the .CAB on my Windows Mobile 6.1 device (Sprint HTC Mogul).  Upon signing-in I recieve the following message:

    Live Mesh is not available.

    Live Mesh for Windows Mobile Client is only available to a limited  number of users. You are currently not allowed to add your mobile phone to Live Mesh.


    I've also noticed that when I sign-in on http://m.mesh.com I don't get the option to add my device to my mesh that I've seen in screenshots at a few sites.  It's just the normal login.

  • I keep getting this error when I follow the US link:

    Unknown Error.

    (Code: f565e626-4034, 10/31/2008 7:16 AM)

  • Im still getting an error after trying to get the device identifier.

    Looks like it will be good when it works!

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