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Update on installation of Live Mesh for Mobile – FIXED!

Update on installation of Live Mesh for Mobile – FIXED!

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Thank you for using the Live Mesh for Mobile client! For users who saw a failure to add their mobile phone to their mesh, we have deployed an updated build of Live Mesh for Mobile. You will need to download the Mobile Installer from http://m.mesh.com/install/wm6/LiveMesh.cab again.  Once you have the new installer on your phone, run it and the installed client will be upgraded to the new version. The new Mobile Live Mesh Client is version number 0.9.3424.6 (check this through Menu -> About). Now you can start Live Mesh, sign in, and you should be good to go.


Currently Live Mesh for mobile devices is provided only on a limited basis in the US and UK. (UPDATE 2: Live Mesh for Mobile in the UK is currently full, in both the US and the UK. We know many of you are excited about trying Live Mesh with your mobile devices, so we'll be adding more spots very soon - stay tuned!) If you have a Windows Mobile 6.x client, click on one of the following links (US residents, UK residents).  Sign in with your LiveID, and you’ll be redirected to the device ring where you’ll see a link to “Use Live Mesh for mobile devices.”  Alternately, once you’ve signed in this way, the mobile client should be available for download by pointing your phone’s browser to http://m.mesh.com.


Thank you for your patience.


The Live Mesh Team


  • +1 on the not being added to my mesh.  Setup fails on my Pantech Duo when attempting to get the mobile identifier.

  • The one from “m.mesh.com/install/wm6/LiveMesh.cab” worked.  

    I had installed the one from www.mesh.com/Web/MobileDownload.aspx this morning, which links to a download at www.mesh.com/install/wm6/LiveMesh.cab instead of “m.mesh.com”--that one doesn’t work.

  • Some people are still having issues adding their phones to their mesh, and one reason is this:

    When you click on one of the limited-access signup links, do so *from your PC, not your phone's browser*.

  • My Treo Pro dies every time on the 'Getting Mobile Phone Identifier'...

  • I was able to install the client on my Treo 750, but it has yet to sync my pictures to the Mobile Picture folder and it has been several hours. I don't think this is working. It's supposed to sync every 30 minutes according to the settings.

  • I too am getting "Unsatisfied Dependency" (missing a suitable version of SQL CE on this device).  HTC Hermes running WM6.1.  Help?

  • So how soon before LiveMesh gets to permanently replace ActiveSync? lol

  • To all those receiving either the "Unsatisfied Dependency" error or the "error getting device identifier": We are currently investigating both of these issues and will let you know as soon as we've learned anything.  

    It would help us if we could get logs from as many of you as possible.  Please see the following sticky thread on our Live Mesh for Mobile forum:


  • Announced this week at PDC was the Windows Mobile Live Mesh client.  If you aren’t familiar with

  • anyone still with 'Getting Mobile Phone Identifier' error - try the initial sign in on your device through a wifi network and not your grps/3g radio connection. Worked for me anyhoo...

  • yep, works fine through wifi... thanks Steve.

  • Filed under: Multimedia , Software Ready to get your Mesh on, Windows Mobile 6.x users? Fantastic. The

  • Announced this week at PDC was the Windows Mobile Live Mesh client.  If you aren’t familiar with

  • I have the new version of Live Mesh, but Mobile Device support still says "coming soon".  Is this expected behavior?

  • Was looking forward to syncing up my phone to test it, but it says my username isn't allowed to add my mobile phone.

    Oh well - can't wait till it's rolled out to the rest of us, ya?

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